27 Oct 12 at 1 am
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While we here in our largely safe American lives protest the "war on women" (as we should), an eerily similar yet silent war has been launched on Dr. Dennis Mukwege and the Panzi Foundation.

Dr. Dennis Mukwege has worked diligently on the frontlines to repair and heal Congolese women who have been brutally raped in midst of brutal genocide in Eastern Congo. Tonight he was the victim of an assassination attempt and his security guard was shot dead.



Nicolas Kristof’s NYT response: http://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/25/an-attack-on-one-of-my-heroes-dr-denis-mukwege/

04 Oct 12 at 10 pm

Fxckin’ greatness

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Fxckin’ greatness
13 Jul 12 at 1 pm


La Sape


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La Sape
01 Jul 12 at 2 pm

Ooooh don’t mind me. Just posting my ancestral history…live in color. No biggie.

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20 Jun 12 at 2 pm

- Koffi Olomide

"Lokuta eyaka na ascenseur, kasi vérité eyei na escalier mpe ekomi || Lies come up in the elevator; the truth takes the stairs but gets here eventually."

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Pete Jones, in Goma, and David Smith, in Johannesburg, Wednesday 20th June 2012 16:52

The United States has been accused of blocking a UN report which examines claims that Rwanda is fuelling a violent rebellion in neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Congolese government said the UN group of experts’ report is being stalled by Rwanda and its allies on the security council to protect President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda vehemently denies that it is sending fighters and weapons across the border. Kagame rebuked Congo and said it should take responsibility.

Claims that Rwanda’s military has been aiding a mutiny in eastern Congo led by the renegade general Bosco Ntaganda have been gathering momentum in recent weeks, with a leaked UN report followed by allegations from Human Rights Watch.

The UN’s group of experts on Congo submitted its latest report to the security council on Monday, but an annex believed to deal with the Rwanda claim was held back and its publication remains uncertain. Lambert Mende, a Congolese government spokesman, blamed Rwanda and its backers, including the US, for the delay. “I think [the report] confirms everything that has been said,” he told Reuters. “I don’t think the Rwandans are at all happy that it should be officially endorsed by the UN.”



31 May 12 at 4 pm

Oliver Courtney - Western Donors Should Stop Aid to Rwanda and Uganda

"Oliver Courtney, from Global Witness, speaks on the need to put pressure on US and British allies Rwanda and Uganda by withholding aid due to their destabilization of Congo."

30 Apr 12 at 8 pm
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Congo just needs to be broken up into smaller countries *shrug* Dead-ass

I know it’s sounds premature but it’s better that way. Kinshasa don’t know how to do jack squat.

01 Apr 12 at 8 pm

The African (Congolese) Madonna slaying with the dopest of outfits on.

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Na za mwana Kin