Sierra Leone has been my home away from home for the last two years. In 2010 we launched our ambitious second Tribewanted project there, on the pristine beaches of John Obey, in the Freetown Peninsula; a village of 500 souls, mainly fishermen and petty traders. We arrived with the goal of promoting the local culture, protecting the environment, and creating an enterprise managed by the local community that could provide long term benefits to John Obey and its residents through eco-tourism. We have had many successes and some setbacks, we have built a sustainable community together with our visiting tribe-members and the local villagers, we have shared incredible experiences and driven each other crazy, just like any family. After two years, our ethos has endured, and we have begun measuring our impact to try to constantly improve our model of sustainability.

The beaches of Sierra Leone, with their bright green tropical forest cliffs overhanging nearby, are some of the most beautiful in West Africa, and provide a great opportunity to the country to invest in eco-tourism, bringing not only sustainable development but promoting a positive image of Sierra Leone to the world.